Fractal Art Set-4 Coaster with protective felt pads on the bottom to protect your furniture.


Set of 4 Coasters with a Lichtenberg Burning Designs. Free Fractal Art piece is included with order. Can be displayed almost anywhere, Table, Wall, Counter Top Etc.
Imagine the reaction of your guests when you set these drink coasters out, We're sure they will spend more time in the hands of your guests than under their drinks!
Coasters are approximately 4.5"x 5/8" thickness With small felt protective pads on the bottom. Free Art Piece of our choice included with order.
The color Purple. These are made from the Heartwood of a Cedar log. These pieces match to make things interesting! All were cut from the same piece Cedar.

These are My Creations. It takes an unbelievable amount of time to create these beautiful designs with an almost glass like finish.
These items are extremely hard to photograph but we do our best to try and show the true beauty of them.

With a durable hard finish that will last, we are sure you will be delighted with them.

Thank you for viewing our items,

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